Free-to-order depression awareness resources

Students Against Depression and our parent charity, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, is committed to ensuring high quality resources are available to all students and student service providers. Whether you’re currently experiencing depression yourself or supporting others through doing so, the below posters and information booklets are here to help.

All our resources are free of charge and can be either downloaded or ordered from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust’s website, though we do ask that donations be made for larger orders. To order materials, visit here.

Warning signs poster JPEGDepression: The Warning Signs (Poster)

Our most popular resource among student campaign groups, this poster (41.5 x 30 cm) aims to raise awareness  of those trends and behaviors commonly associated with depression and explored in our Understanding Depression section.

To order materials, visit here.

A parent's guide JPEG

A parent’s guide to depression (Awareness booklet)

Worried that your son or daughter may be depressed? Here’s what to do and where to go for help. We’ve based this guide on CWMT’s past 15 years of experience working to support and learn from parents working to support a son or daughter currently tackling depression. This is not intended as a definitive guide- if you are concerned about a young person you should seek expert help. Where this guide can help, nonetheless, is in ensuring you feel more confident, more informed and better equipped to find the expertise your son or daughter may need.

The CWMT Parent’s Guide to Depression can be viewed online in full from

Depression booklet cover JPEG

Depression: fancy a chat? (Awareness booklet)

Known in specialist circles as ‘the common cold of psychiatry’, depression is widespread in Britain. As many as 1 in 4 of us will be affected at some point in our lives. At any time, 10% of your work mates are likely to be suffering from depression. 

Aiming to dispel common myths, ensure you are clued up with the facts and suggesting ways in which to access immediate help, this booklet provides an introductory guide to depression.

To order materials, visit the CWMT site.

Or download a PDF version now: Depression booklet

Students Against Depression (Palm cards)Palm cards 3

Students Against Depression is an award winning campaign and resource developed by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Combining real life student experience with validated self-help guidance, aims to ensure quality mental health provisions are freely available to all.

To order materials, visit the CWMT site.

Students Against Depression (Poster) Feeling low poster JPEG

Feeling low? There’s a place you can go. For ten years, the Students Against Depression website has been there for students affected by low mood, depression and suicidal thoughts. Now we’ve relaunched our site so we can include even more options and strategies for resisting depression and boosting your mood.

To order materials, visit the CWMT site.