Share your own story

Tackling depression in your own life gives you expertise which is very valuable to others. Sharing your experience offers inspiration as well as practical advice to those who may currently be feeling alone in their battle with depression.

This site provides a structured way to understand your own depression and to identify relevant strategies for tackling it. Our ‘Overcoming Depression’ workbook provides a therapeutic writing framework within which to:

  • summarise that understanding,
  • evaluate the strategies you have tried,
  • and formulate what you have learnt through your experience of depression.

Can you build on this learning to provide support and inspiration for others? This form provides an opportunity to share your ‘Overcoming Depression’ story on this site. The process of editing and tagging your story to be an effective support for others could in itself offer you a further therapeutic step forward in your own journey to live well despite experience of depression. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please use the Overcoming Depression workbook as a guide to the format in which stories appear on the site. Note that what you write may be further edited or shown in a shorter version. Also please be aware that all stories are published anonymously – it is your responsibility to ensure that identifying details have been removed and an alias name is supplied. This is to facilitate uncensored exploration of inner feelings and experiences.

Share your own story with us via a DM on Twitter @SADWebsite

Also have a look at Student Minds, Young Minds, The Mix and It Gets Brighter, they all may be places where you can post your own story.