Take action together

Just like the students who have helped develop this site you may be able to join together with other students to make a stand against depression on your own campus or beyond.

This site was originally developed with the help of student consultants who had themselves been affected by low mood, depression or suicidal thoughts. As well as consulting on every aspect of the site’s design and content, they also contributed their own experiences and strategies for overcoming depression. Every year a new group of student consultants offer their own stories and blog together about their ongoing depression management strategies.

These stories and blogs are the central and most important resource on this site. They show other site users that they are not alone and that the many different forms of depression can all be tackled effectively, with practical tips and strategies to help everyone find what will work for them.

All these students are therefore using their own painful experiences with depression to build something constructive and worthwhile – with the potential for making a meaningful difference to others.

As you start to feel like you’re putting your own depression in its place, you too could take it a step further and start making connections with other students. There are many students who have been affected by depression on your own campus and throughout the UK (and beyond). By connecting up with each other, you all stand a better chance of making an effective stand against depression. Here are some ideas of where to start:

Join or start a support group on your campus

Ask at your campus counselling service about groups, or see if the students union offers anything. If not, why not get one started yourself? Speak to the students’ union welfare officer to see if you can get some help with advertising it and getting it started. You could start small by simply giving your name and contact details to the counselling service or SU welfare officer and saying you’d be happy to be contacted by other students affected by depression.

Contact Student Minds and they will be able to help you !

Use your experiences to help others

If you’ve been affected by depression then you’ve got a lot of expertise! Why not put it to good use in helping others? You could offer to be a mentor or peer support worker – many universities and colleges have peer support training schemes. Or you could run for office and become a welfare rep yourself. You could also consider becoming a Students Against Depression student consultant – drop us a DM @SADWebsite.

Get campaigning

Make the environment on your campus a less comfortable place for depression… Could you lobby for better services? At some universities, students affected by depression can get referrals for free or reduced fee sessions at the sports centre, for example. Or perhaps you could join or start a campaign against stigmatising of mental health issues on campus? The Mental Wealth project is a student-led campaign promoting mental wellbeing for all, with groups at many UK campuses, and your students union or the NUS.