What is depression?

The word ‘depression’ means different things in different contexts. Check the warning signs and find out if you are being affected by this serious and debilitating condition. 

what is depression?

Depression warning signs

Check the warning signs, including lethargy and loss of interest, difficulty concentrating, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, and disturbed sleep. Read more

Am I depressed?

If you have experienced  a persistent sad, low, anxious or empty mood in the last two weeks, plus several other warning signs then you may be depressed. Read more

Changes depression brings

Depression causes changes in your behaviour and daily functioning which you may not even be aware of if they have happened gradually. Find out how depression may be affecting your life. Read more

Diagnosing depression

More about severe forms of depression and how a medical diagnosis of depression is made  – but remember that depressive symptoms can make a big impact on your life even when you don’t have a formal diagnosis. Read more

Stressed / anxious / depressed?

It can be hard to tell whether what you’re feeling is part of a normal period of stress or whether it’s something more? Catching things before they get too bad is the best way to prevent depression taking hold. Read more