Why me, why now?

Not really knowing why you are feeling low is a frustrating, demoralising and common aspect of depression. Understanding why you are depressed is important as a basis for planning the best strategies for tackling it.


why me why now?

Depression factors and causes

There isn’t usually a straightforward, single cause for depression, but that does not mean it has struck randomly. Learn more about the different vulnerability factors and how they work together. Read more

Depression biology

Depression is not ‘all in the mind’. Our brain chemistry interacts with our moods and is turn influenced by them. Find out more about genetics and brain chemistry and their role in depression. Read more

Depression psychology

Your life experiences and personal history shape how you see yourself and the world. Feeling ‘not good enough’ or unaccepted, for whatever reason, makes you vulnerable to depression. Read more

Depression sociology

Individual causes of depression may seem easier to tackle, but social circumstances play a very important role too. We can choose our attitude towards these, and the values we sign up to. Read more

Framework for understanding depression

A framework helping you to summarise all your personal vulnerability factors and the ways in which depression is affecting you. This forms the basis for an effective strategy to tackle your depression. Read more